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Chakmonie® - Your boutique for spiritual gifts & handmade chakra accessories.

Feel harmony & well-being for body, mind and soul.


At Chakmonie® you will find a large selection of high-quality & handmade products to harmonize your chakras.

Nice that you are here and want to make your chakra energy vibrate!

Well-being through color and powerful mandalas - this is what distinguishes the stylish chakra design collection from Chakmonie®. Colorful color impulses for your chakras and more inner harmony.

I would like to tell you in this video why I founded my Chakra Boutique Chakmonie® and created a stylish Chakra lifestyle collection for you: for GDPR reasons, this video cannot be shared with you here on the homepage at the moment. We are working on it and will post it here again soon...

In the meantime, you are welcome to watch the video on YouTube


The lovingly designed and energetic chakra motifs can have a harmonizing effect on the seven energy centers of your body - the so-called chakras. Each individual energy center can be activated by special color impulses and their vibration. You can find more information on this in the Chakra lifestyle on the Chakra meaning.

You too can increase your well-being with Chakmonie® - energize your life!


Spiritual gifts and chakra jewelry

I attach great importance to the quality and uniqueness of my collection. That's why I only use the best materials and pay great attention to the selection of my suppliers.

Exceptional design made in Germany by Maren Klessen & Chakmonie® - quality and craftsmanship from Germany!

I have put together a brief overview of all the chakra gifts in my spiritual boutique for you here - simply click on the relevant category and take a look at what is on offer in the online store:

Chakra porcelain mugs Handmade Chakra mugs with chakra symbols

Chakra cups

Discover the handmade porcelain mugs in a modern chakra design with inspiring affirmations on the inside of the mug for a cheerful start to the day!

In the colorful Chakmonie design, I have created a cup for each chakra with an energetic chakra symbol and a color-coordinated, positive mantra. The affirmations are available in German and English. Chakra power to go: for at home, the office or on the go.

Fine porcelain in quality and lovingly handcrafted in Germany!

Chakra cushions Chakra cushions with sparkling chakra symbols made of crystals

Chakra cushion - Stars Deluxe Collection

Sparkling and shining like the stars in the firmament - that's the exclusive Stars Deluxe collection!

The velvety soft chakra cushions are available in 9 vibrant colors made of cuddly velour. Each feel-good cushion is unique and is lovingly decorated by hand with precious chakra symbols made from shimmering rhinestones. I am very happy to be able to design the chakra mandalas from the traditional chakra teachings in modern & stylish rhinestones.

Unique chakra design and a must-have for all chakra fashionistas!

Glass coasters with chakra symbols Spiritual glass coasters Glass coasters 7 chakras

Chakra coaster

Energetic - powerful - colorful & pure energy! Handmade glass chakra coasters with impressive and energizing chakra mandalas in the popular Chakmonie design for a relaxing day!

The energetic chakra symbols have an activating and harmonizing effect on the seven main energy centers. You can choose the coasters for each chakra individually or you can purchase the practical set with all 7 motifs at a special price - either way, you will receive lovingly handcrafted products from North Rhine-Westphalia.

Chakra jewelry Spiritual jewelry Chakra energy jewelry Energetic jewelry

Chakra jewelry

Exquisite chakra jewelry for a magical aura!

A fine selection of beautiful energy jewelry for you and your loved ones awaits you in the store: In addition to chakra necklaces and chakra earrings in boho-ethno style, you will find enchanting, hand-knotted chakra malas made from gemstones as well as spiritual chakra necklace pendants and chakra bracelets in gold & silver.

Let yourself be enchanted by the variety of chakra jewelry and find your favorite piece of jewelry.

Chakra bags with chakra symbols Chakra basket bags Chakra shoulder bags

Chakra Bags - Stars Deluxe Collection

Chakra basket bags & Chakra shoulder bags from the exclusive Stars Deluxe collection - shining like the stars in the sky.

Exceptional chakra bags in the unmistakable Chakmonie Chakra design. They are lovingly made by hand. All bags are dyed with natural dyes and each model is unique, lovingly decorated by hand with precious chakra symbols made of sparkling rhinestones.

In addition to the Stars Deluxe collection, we also have the cool Stick Deluxe collection with shimmering, elegant stick mandalas. Unique and chic chakra design handmade by Chakmonie!

Chakra Tea Chakra Organic Tea Chakra Waterstones Chakra Gemstones Chakra Water Wand Chakra Waterstones

Chakra Wellness

Experience relaxing moments of well-being and explore the Chakmonie Chakra wellness world!

For your own personal time-out, you will find great ideas here to support your chakras in stressful everyday life and create little islands of well-being: beautiful chakra gemstone mix and chakra gemstone stick for water energization, interesting chakra books and audio books, delicious organic chakra tea from Shoti Maa & bebetter.

As a health practitioner, I also offer holistic, personal chakra coaching in a beautiful gift bundle including glass coasters and chakra porcelain cups. To round off the wellness feeling, you can also purchase gift vouchers in the store.

All chakra accessories are made & selected with love!

Feel inner harmony and relaxation with the energetic chakra collection from Chakmonie® - energize your life!

Yours sincerely, Maren Klessen


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