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Chakra cups for all 7 chakras
Chakra glass coasters for all 7 chakras

Spiritual chakra symbols from the new Stick Deluxe collection!

OM symbol Chakra motif Chakra symbolElegant embroidery patches with chakra motifs for the Anahata and Sahasrara chakras in an exclusive & unique chakmonia chakra design.

Another new addition to the spiritual firmament of our energetic chakra lifestyle collection: the Stick Deluxe collection!

As a spiritually creative soul, it is important to me to create a discreet version in stick alongside the Stars Deluxe collection of glittering glass crystals:

Chakra symbols made of stick and bags for the chakrasMillennia-old chakra symbols in a stylish design made from elegantly shimmering gold and silver-colored embroidery motifs reinterpreted.

With the Stick Deluxe chakra motifs you have the choice between the 4th chakra and the 7th chakra.

Are you wondering why there are only 2 chakra symbols available in the Stick Deluxe?

Well, the motifs for the heart chakra and the crown chakra have been our bestsellers from the very beginning: Heart energy and universal connectedness we can never have enough... This is the reason why we currently only offer the stickpatches for 2 chakras.

Do you have an individual design request and would like a stick deluxe chakra symbol for one of the other 5 energy centers? Please send me an email to with your desired chakra and I will send you an offer for a customized design.

Each chakra accessory in the Stick Deluxe collection is unique.

Discover the large selection of our chakra products and find your personal favorite accessory!

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