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Chakra cups for all 7 chakras
Chakra glass coasters for all 7 chakras

Chakra cups

For a harmonious & upbeat start to the day: handmade porcelain chakra mugs with inspiring affirmations and energetic mandalas.

Fine, pure white porcelain - quality and craftsmanship from a German manufacturer!

Both the energetic, colorful mandalas and the positive affirmations are lovingly applied to the mugs by hand. Each chakra mug is then fired and glazed three times - making it scratch-resistant, dishwasher-safe , UV-resistant, microwave-safe and food-safe.

Chakra cup set yellow solar plexus chakra symbolIn addition to the individual porcelain cups, each chakra also offers a CupSet  consisting of a cup in chakra design and a color-coordinated aroma seal.

The pretty aroma seal can be used in a variety of ways: to keep the drink warm, as a cup coaster, for placing tea bags or as a small plate for cookies, nuts, snacks etc.

Our enchanting chakra porcelain with powerful affirmations and radiantly cheerful mandalas will give you energy and accompany you throughout the day!

Get the Chakmonie® chakra energy to go!

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