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5th chakra

The 5th energy center is also called the throat chakra. It is the center of your communication and your creative self-expression.

Throat chakra Throat chakra 5th energy centerIn the throat chakra the Connection of heart & mind - from the inside & outside. You express your wishes and opinions with lightness and airiness. A harmoniously vibrating 5th chakra makes it easy for you to set yourself apart and to say no with personal integrity and honesty - even if something else is expected of you.

As you may already know, the chakra teachings originate from the ancient Indian healing tradition and therefore each of the 7 energy centers also has a Sanskrit name. In Sanskrit, the throat chakra is called "Vishuddha".

The design of all seven chakra symbols is similar: on the outside are the open lotus blossoms and elements from sacred geometry. The 16-petalled lotus blossom is a symbol of the Vishuddha chakra symbol and the healing color of the 5th energy center is light blue and turquoise.

The powerful chakmonia affirmation for the throat chakra is: "I am free!" and is the expression of independence & freedom. Be yourself, no matter what others expect of you!

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