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A warm welcome to you!

My name is Maren Klessen, head & heart of Chakmonie®. I was born in the 70s and have been happily married to the man of my dreams since 2006.

Why did I found Chakmonie®?

I first heard about the chakras more than 20 years ago. I found and still find it very fascinating. It's great that we all get these subtle energy centers "delivered" free of charge at birth! Many people are not even aware of this and let their chakras more or less "atrophy". I decided to nurture and care for my chakras. So I started to balance the chakras in meditations, with oils, healing stones and musical sounds. It became an integral part of my life.

How has Kundalini Yoga changed my life?

When I moved from Berlin to Bergisch Gladbach in 2005, I started looking for a suitable style of yoga. A friend introduced me to Kundalini yoga and I have been enthusiastic about this wonderful yoga teaching ever since. My path of spiritual development began.

In 2014, I asked myself the question for the first time: how can I harmonize my chakras in everyday situations? It's easy to pause for a moment in everyday life, feel inside yourself and listen to which chakra needs special attention or an energy booster.

According to thousands of years of tradition, it is generally known that the chakras can be subtly activated and harmonized by the vibrations of colors.

Numerous brainstorming sessions followed and in summer 2015 the time had come: I founded Chakmonie® as a registered brand, designed the exclusive collection - all handmade in Germany - and went online with my own Chakra store.

Feeling good through color and powerful mandalas - that has been my personal credo ever since!

What is the idea behind my online store for spiritual gifts & energetic chakra products?

With my chakra collection, I want to get your chakra energy flowing and enrich your everyday life with colorful moments of well-being.

Colors are also referred to as the language of the soul! A fiery red, for example, embodies life themes such as power, strength, courage and basic trust - a strong, solid (physical) foundation! Your roots - your 1st chakra - your root chakra.

What else do I do in my life?

Until the end of 2018, I worked part-time for Chakmonie® and was very passionate about my job as a part-time tourism specialist. After my inner voice kept whispering to me that my other soul parts also wanted to be lived, I took the step into full-time self-employment:

After my training with the German Society for Alternative Medicine, I was certified as a health practitioner and opened Shiva's Glück - my practice for mindfulness and well-being in December 2018. In addition to chakra counseling, I offer psychological astro-coaching and nutritional recommendations based on Ayurveda and TCM.

I am a trained Chakra Yoga Instructor and in addition to Chakra Yoga, my health practice is complemented by Chakra Workshops & Seminars.

An equally important part of me is my more than 29 years of experience in the travel industry. With the personal travel agency and freelance service of Shivas Reiseglück, I have found a great way to combine the things that are close to my heart:

Chakmonie®, Shivas Glück and Shiva's travel luck unite my extensive knowledge in the best possible way, so that I can live out all the soul parts in me with great devotion! I am deeply grateful for these wonderful events.

Du hast Fragen zur Chakmonie®-Design-Kollektion, mit welchem Chakra Du persönlich starten kannst oder allgemeine Fragen zu Chakren?  Dann schreib‘ mir sehr gerne eine Mail an oder schau‘ mal hier, wie Du noch in Kontakt mit mir kommen kannst.

I wish you the best energy at all times!

Colorful greetings from the heart, your Maren

Chakra Expert I Chakra Coach I Chakra Yoga Instructor I Health Practitioner for Mindfulness & Wellbeing I Tourism Specialist IHK

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