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Chakra cups for all 7 chakras
Chakra glass coasters for all 7 chakras

Spiritual chakra jewelry & chakra energy jewelry - balm for the soul

Our chakra jewelry collection gently & carefully supports your energetic balance and has a harmonizing effect on your 7 chakras. First and foremost, pretty, colorful pieces of jewelry that give you a magical aura.

Choose your personal favourite piece of jewelry from the large selection to harmonize your energy centers - you have the choice between delicate chakra bracelets, cheerful chakra earrings*, filigree medallion chakra necklaces in boho-ethno style*, precious gemstone chakra malas and exclusive chakra necklace pendants - all handmade & quality from Germany! This is very important to us and once again emphasizes our company philosophy: ethically correct & fair.

*) little info about the colorful tassels on earrings and medallion necklaces: if the cotton tassels are too playful for you, you can remove them at any time and decide as you please

How does chakra energy jewelry work?

The special combination of powerful chakra symbols with elements of sacred geometry and the psychological vibrational frequency of color tones have a subtle effect on each chakra center and supply it with subtle energy. Here is an example: The color red and the Muladhara symbol activate the root chakra and promote courage, strength and basic trust.

I have explained which emotions and life themes are connected to the 7 chakras under Chakra energy for you.

7 Chakra jewelry and the chakra symbols

  1. Fiery red Muladhara symbol for your root chakra
  2. Bright orange Svadhistana symbol for your sacral chakra
  3. Bright yellow Manipura symbol for your navel chakra
  4. Fresh green Anahata symbol for your heart chakra
  5. Clarifying turquoise Vishuddha symbol for your throat chakra
  6. Calming dark blue Ajna symbol for your 3rd eye
  7. Mystical violet-golden Sahasrara symbol for your crown chakra

We apply this color scheme 1:1 to the Chakmonie jewelry collection for the medallion necklaces and the earrings jewelry.

The chakra bracelets combine sterling silver chakra symbols from the ancient Indian chakra teachings and a nylon friendship bracelet in a corresponding color.

For the Chakra Malas are hand-knotted with energetically corresponding chakra gemstones and the final eye-catcher is the respective chakra symbol made of 925 silver.

The Chakra pendant are characterized by detailed chakra symbols in the finest sterling silver, with the precious and energetically matching gemstone at their center. All pendants are also available in 18-carat gold plating.

A fine, loving selection of jewelry and a suitable jewel for every chakra. Let your soul shine with the chakra jewelry from Chakmonie® - energize your life.

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