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Chakra cups for all 7 chakras
Chakra glass coasters for all 7 chakras

Spiritual key rings with high-quality leather tassels and magical symbols in a chakra design:

energetic - powerful - colorful

The new chakra key rings from Chakmonie are a beautiful and personal gift idea for your best friend, your favorite people and of course for yourself!

As you may already know, the Chakmonie Chakra Shop is all about the energy of colors and the magic of the millennia-old chakra symbols:

Colors are visible sounds that vibrate at a higher frequency than our ears can hear and so we can perceive them with our sense of sight or see them with our eyes. Colors have a great influence on our mind and our feelings. Colors can be healing and support body, mind and soul. The 7 energy centers, your chakras, can also be balanced through the effect of spectral colors.

Keyring pendant turquoise with spiritual symbols neck chakraHere is a small example: Bright, strong blue is the color of the throat chakra.

It symbolizes the 5th energy center and stands for life themes such as communication, freedom and boundaries.

So if, for example, you find it difficult to set yourself apart in certain situations, to stand by your opinion freely and to say "no" with a clear conscience, you should pay more attention to your throat chakra and harmonize it. There are many ways to do this: you can find lots of great throat chakra accessories in light blue in the store or interesting further information about harmonizing your chakras in the Chakra Lifestyle section!

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