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Chakra meaning - the 7 chakras

What does chakra mean and how many chakras are there?

The meaning of the chakra and the millennia-old chakra teachings have their origins - just like Ayurveda - in the Indian art of healing and in Hinduism. The word chakra comes from Sanskrit and literally means energy wheel, circle or vortex.

7 chakras and their meaning

The human organism has 7 subtle energy points , also known as chakras. A chakra is an energy center at a specific point in the body. There are a total of 7 main chakras, whose chakra points are aligned along the spine like a string of pearls.

The interaction of these seven fine energy centers contributes significantly to our well-being, so that many different processes in the body are controlled. The totality of all 7 main chakras also forms a person's aura. A strong aura gives us physical and mental resilience.

The aura, also known as the 8th chakra or magnetic field, is therefore the unity and connection of all chakras! The more harmoniously the 7 main chakras vibrate, the stronger this personal, energetic and natural protective shield of a person is.

The 8th chakra is the only chakra that is located outside the human body! The circumference of the aura usually varies and, depending on your personal constitution, the aura can extend to over 8 meters. In general, a circumference of 2.70 meters is assumed for the aura. The aura surrounds the physical body like an invisible sheath: it is the electromagnetic field of an individual that Security and Protection in differentiation from others and the protection of the self from external influences.


Chakra meaning and harmonization  

In particular, the seven chakras can be stimulated by the vibration of colors and powerful Chakra symbols are activated and energized with elements from sacred geometry. The combination of the sacred chakra symbols and the energetic vibration of the color frequency give your energy points the right impulse to open up! By opening the chakras, you will achieve greater well-being and inner balance!Chakra meaning

Color is emotion, color is mood - which is why color is also called "the spice of life"! 

With this motivation in mind, I founded Chakmonie®, the first chakra manufactory in Germany, and developed my own design collection to activate the chakras: "Chakra energy to go" as wellness for the soul and mindfulness in everyday life.

The millennia-old traditions of chakra teachings hold many treasures, and I would love to share my expertise with you! For each chakra symbol you will receive interesting information about chakra meaning and colors as well as chakra healing stones and fragrances.

On the Chakra Energy page you will find exciting information about the chakra life cycle. 

Do you have questions about the chakras? Then send me an email to or arrange a telephone appointment for a brief consultation.


1st chakra meaning

It is also called the base chakra, root chakra, breech chakra or muladhara chakra

  • Chakra location: between anus and genitals
  • Chakra mandala: 4-petalled lotus
  • Chakra color: the 1st chakra is activated by bright, fiery red
  • Color effect red: warms, invigorates, gives vitality, vitality, promotes courage and basic trust
  • Chakra themes: (Over) will to live, strength, life energy, basic trust, security, abundance, feeling rooted, grounding, health, structure
  • Chakra-associated areas of the body: Bones, teeth, nails, anus, rectum, perineum, large intestine, base of the spine, sciatic nerve 
  • Gland & hormone assignment: Adrenal glands are adrenaline producers
  • Chakra gemstones: all red stones. These are, for example, agate, blood jasper, garnet, ruby
  • Chakra fragrance oils: cedar, clove, cypress, rosemary

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2. chakra meaning

It is also known as the sacral, svadhistana or sacral chakra

  • Chakra position: between pubic bone and navel; 2 cm above the pubic bone
  • Chakra mandala: 6-petalled lotus
  • Chakra color: the 2nd chakra is activated by clear, radiant orange
  • Color effect orange: gives new energy, dissolves frozen patterns, promotes self-esteem, pleasure in sensual enjoyment, arouses curiosity
  • Chakra themes: Vitality, creativity, fruitfulness, emotional richness, sensuality, eroticism, sex, living relationships, enthusiasm, amazement, sensual pleasures
  • Chakra associated body areas: Pelvic area, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, all fluids such as blood, lymph, digestive juices, semen
  • Gland assignment: gonads - ovaries, prostate, testicles
  • Assigned hormones: estrogens, testosterone
  • Chakra gemstones: all orange-colored stones. These are, for example, carnelian, calcite, jasper, fluorite or amber
  • Chakra fragrance oils: sandalwood, ylang ylang, pepper, myrrh, orange, vanilla

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3. chakra meaning

It is also called the Manipura, solar plexus or navel chakra

  • Chakra position: 2 finger widths above the navel
  • Chakra symbol: 10-petalled lotus
  • Chakra color: the 3rd chakra is activated by sunny yellow to yellow-gold
  • Color effect Yellow: promotes activity, stimulates nervous activity & thinking, gives cheerfulness; has a clarifying and centering effect
  • 3rd chakra themes: Development of personality, self-esteem and self-confidence, making decisions, influence and power, energy, warmth, peace, inner harmony, discipline, optimism
  • 3. chakra associated body areas: Liver, gall bladder, stomach, intestines, spleen, solar plexus, autonomic nervous system
  • Gland assignment: Pancreas
  • Assigned hormones: Insulin
  • Chakra gemstones: all yellow to golden yellow stones. These are, for example, tiger's eye, amber, precious topaz or citrine
  • Chakra fragrance oils: lavender, bergamot, aniseed, lemon, camomile

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4. chakra meaning

It is also known as the Anahata or heart chakra 

  • Chakra location: on the sternum, in the center of the chest
  • Chakra symbol: 12-petalled lotus
  • Chakra color: the 4th chakra is stimulated by green and pink tones 
  • Colour effect Green: calms, gives hope and security, gives confidence, conveys generosity; Pink: symbolizes liveliness, femininity, harmony and romance
  • 4th chakra themes: Self-love, inner child, sincere love, compassion, devotion, selfless service, healing, acting from the heart, faithfulness, sincerity, loyalty, forgiveness
  • 4. chakra associated body areas: Heart, lungs, breasts, ribs, diaphragm, arms & hands as well as upper back with rib cage and chest cavity, lower shoulder blades, skin
  • Gland assignment: Thymus gland
  • Assigned hormones: Thymohormone
  • Chakra gemstones: all green and pink-colored stones. These are, for example, aventurine, emerald, jade, tourmaline or rose quartz
  • Chakra fragrance oils: rose, jasmine, hawthorn, tarragon

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5. chakra meaning

It is also known as the throat, throat chakra or Vishuddha chakra

  • Chakra location: Throat area, at the center of the neck
  • Chakra symbol: 16-petalled lotus
  • Chakra color: Light blue & turquoise tones activate the 5th chakra
  • Color effect light blue to turquoise: conveys mental openness and freedom, has a clarifying effect, stands for extravagance, promotes demarcation, calms, gives inner stillness
  • 5th chakra themes: Communication, awareness of individuality, creative self-expression, clarity of thought, openness, inspiration, rational thinking, independence, perceiving inner voice
  • 5. chakra associated body areas: Throat, throat, neck, jaw, larynx, esophagus and trachea, breathing, voice, bronchi, cervical spine, shoulders
  • Gland assignment: thyroid and parathyroid glands
  • Assigned hormones: Thyroxine
  • Chakra gemstones: all light blue stones. These are, for example, turquoise, aquamarine, chalcedony, light sodalite and topaz
  • Chakra fragrance oils: sage, eucalyptus. Camphor, Peppermint

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6. chakra meaning

It is also known as the Ajna, forehead or third eye chakra

  • Chakra location: above the root of the nose, between the eyebrows
  • Chakra symbol: 2 opposite lotus blossoms; they represent opposites that unite. Such as ying & yang, sun & moon, heaven & earth
  • Chakra color: Dark blue or indigo blue stimulates the forehead chakra
  • Color effect indigo blue: gives calm and confidence, relaxes, strengthens intuition and wisdom
  • 6th chakra themes: Self-knowledge, intuition, creative energy, spiritual insights, healing energy, imagination, fantasy, wisdom, mental clarity and centeredness
  • 6. chakra associated body areas: Face, eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, cerebellum, endocrine system
  • Gland assignment: pituitary gland = pituitary gland
  • Assigned hormones: Vasopressin
  • Chakra gemstones: all dark blue stones. Such as lapis lazuli, dark sodalite, dark amethyst, sapphire or dark iolite
  • Chakra fragrance oils: cajeput, lemongrass, violet

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7th chakra meaning

It is also called the Sahasrara chakra, crown chakra or crown center

  • Chakra position: on the crown, on the center of the head 
  • Chakra symbol: 1000-petaled lotus
  • Chakra color: Violet, white to gold tones have an activating effect on the crown chakra
  • Colour effect Violet: conveys mysticism and dignity, provides universal protection, stands for magic and inspiration; white: emphasizes clarity, radiates purity; gold: symbolizes the divine, the universal
  • 7th chakra associated themes: Connectedness with the cosmos, spiritual power, spirituality, experience of spiritual worlds, allness, universal consciousness
  • 7. chakra associated body areas: Cerebrum, midbrain, whole organism
  • Gland assignment: Epiphysis = pineal gland
  • Assigned hormones: Serotonin
  • Chakra gemstones: all light-colored stones. These include rock crystal and diamond, for example. Another typical stone for the 7th chakra is the light-colored amethyst
  • Chakra fragrance oils: lotus, rosewood, olibanum or frankincense

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Are you wondering which chakra needs energetic support right now? Take a quiet look at all the chakra symbols in the overview and feel intuitively or from your gut which chakra mandala you spontaneously resonate with. The chakra meaning speaks for itself and connects you with your subconscious. Do you need help and support? Feel free to send me an email at or arrange a telephone appointment for a brief consultation.

You now know which energy center you want to harmonize and you can now choose the right chakra accessories for you from our loving chakra design collection: whether chakra mugs, chakra glass coasters, chakra jewelry, chakra cushions and chakra bags - at Chakmonie® you will find your personal chakra product in quality and handmade in Germany! My offer to you is that you can positively influence and harmonize your energy centers at any time and in all situations of daily life - for more harmony and well-being in everyday life!


I wish you the best of energy at all times. Above all, lots of joy and wonderful experiences with your personal accessories from the Chakmonie® design collection. Beautiful things that make you shine from the inside and make your life more colorful: Discover the diversity of Chakmonie® - energize your life!

If you would like to learn more about the meaning of the chakra, I recommend this comprehensive article by Yoga Vidya.

Colorful greetings from the heart, your Maren

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