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Chakra cups for all 7 chakras
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4th chakra

The 4th energy center is also called the heart chakra. This is the origin of compassion and humanity. You look at your surroundings from the heart, without judging and evaluating.

HeartChakra4. Energy centerAn open heart chakra connects you with the little girl inside you - the inner child and radiates pure, unconditional love. It thus creates the breeding ground for kindness and sincere cordiality.

You may already know that the theory of chakras originates from ancient Indian healing traditions and that each of the 7 energy centers therefore also has a Sanskrit name. In Sanskrit, the 4th chakra is called "Anahata".

The design of all seven chakra symbols is similar: on the outside are the open lotus blossoms and elements from sacred geometry. The 12-petalled lotus flower is a symbol of the Anahata chakra symbol and the healing colors of the 4th chakra are green, pink and pink hues.

The powerful chakmonia affirmation for the heart chakra is: "Love surrounds me" and reinforces tolerance, sincerity and harmony.

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