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Chakra cups for all 7 chakras
Chakra glass coasters for all 7 chakras

Energetic chakra cards with chakra symbols & chakra affirmations

Discover the new chakra cards with the powerful Chakmonie chakra symbols and strengthening affirmations for your inner harmony.

Beautiful chakra energy cards in radiant, luminous chakra colors with elegant elements in gold print:

The chakra name, the affirmation and the circle of rays around the chakra symbol shimmer in gold metallic - this gives the high-quality cards a particularly refined look.

As you may know, the heart chakra is harmonized by the colors green & pink and you can choose between both variants. Here in the picture you can see both colors at a glance.

Are you wondering how you can use the chakra cards? You can use them in many different ways. Here are a few suggestions:

* as your individual daily companion

* Learn and deepen the chakra basics

* Accompaniment for chakra & energy work

* Visualization of the chakra symbols

* Visual support when speaking affirmations

* Base for energizing chakra stones, water, etc.

* Decoration & design of power places in living and working spaces

* Raising the energy & consciousness level through the effect of color frequencies

* Increasing the vibration level through sacred symbolism in the chakra motifs

and much more.

Be creative and share your own ideas with us on social media: Facebook & Instagram @chakmonie

We are looking forward to it!

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