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Wondering what a chakra is?


Our body has 7 main subtle energy centers - our chakras - which are aligned along your spine like a string of pearls. The knowledge of the chakras originates from the millennia-old Indian art of healing and translated from Sanskrit, the word chakra means "energy wheel" or "energy vortex".

Discover the 7 main chakras and get to know your energy centers!


The chakras are very fine Energy pointswhich many Processes in our Controlling the organism and significantly to our Well-being contribute. Feel and sense yourself, be in harmony with yourself and get your own chakra energy flowing. Each chakra has its own (Life) theme and is associated with body organs, feelings, elements, sensory and glandular functions, among others.

Just like Ayurveda, the extensive healing knowledge of traditional chakra teachings has its origins in the ancient Indian art of healing. These effective traditions make it possible to support the energy system with ease - for more balance and harmony in everyday life!

From the root to the crown, you have a wide range of options for harmonizing your chakras. These include, for example

  • Energetic chakra accessories from Chakmonie®
  • Meditation for the chakras
  • Chakra Coaching
  • Chakra Yoga
  • Essential scented oils
  • energetic healing stones
  • Chakra-related experience of nature
  • Chakra affirmations


I have written down an introduction to the energetic chakra theory for you here at a glance.

If you would like to actively get to know your chakras in a self-awareness session, I would like to recommend the journey through the 7 chakras. In this article, I will introduce you to each energy center in turn, from the base to the crown, and you will learn about special chakra meditations from Kundalini Yoga. It is really effective if you plan 6 weeks for each energy center and practice the respective meditation 40 days in a row. Are you curious? In the "Chakra Lifestyle" section, you can find even more exciting information about chakra energy.

I am very happy to introduce you to the world of chakras and am always there for you if you have any questions! Feel free to write me an e-mail at

Increase harmony & inner balance through chakra energy


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