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Chakra energy and the 7 chakra phases of life

When does which chakra energy work?

The chakra energy and its connection to the 7 chakra life cycle from birth to the age of 49. Easily and comprehensibly explained, I address chakra-associated areas of life in order to clarify the interplay of these subtle energy centers.

Speaking of clear... Don't get confused when I juggle with the terms chakra, chakras and chakras - it always means the same thing, and I use them to refer to your 7 main energy centers. Chakra means energy center in the singular; chakras and chakras refers to the energy centers in your body in the plural - both terms are absolutely equivalent and identical in definition.

7 Chakras overview

As you may already know, the human body has seven chakra points, which are responsible for many processes in our system. In the article Chakra meaning we explain the 7 main chakras and the aura in detail.

On this page you will learn interesting facts about chakra-specific life themes and important life stages of your chakra energy.

So, here we go...

The Chakmonie chakra energy

Chakra Meaning Chakra Overview Muladhara Chakra

Root Chakra Chakra Energy

The root chakra - also known as the base, breech or muladhara chakra - is the foundation on which you stand. It symbolizes your basic trust in life and in yourself, it embodies your will to live. It is your root that gives you security and safety. From the moment of birth - the beginning of your being - and in the phase of life between 0 and 7 years, you are in your very own root chakra energy for the first time.

This first chakra phase is about the primal instinct, about your very own being. The firm will to live and survive: about yourself as an individual and your own personality. A well-developed Muladhara chakra in the early years of your childhood grounds you in the here & now, roots you firmly to Mother Earth and gives you courage, strength, basic trust & warmth.

Chakra Meaning Chakra Overview Svadisthana Chakra

Sacral chakra Chakra energy

The sacral chakra - also known as the sexual, sacral or Svadhistana chakra - is your home: this is where your feelings, your sensuality, your sexuality and your creativity lie. Your individual values and norms originate in the 2nd chakra - detached from the old views and beliefs of your family of origin. Between the ages of 8 and 14, you experience your sexual chakra energy for the first time.

In this phase, you are curious and discover the diversity of life. Everything unknown fascinates you and wants to be explored - you try things out and develop yourself. The sacral chakra is also about your creative potential and so sensuality and creativity are expressed here. A harmoniously lived 2nd chakra radiates joie de vivre and enthusiasm. You are rich in feelings, can enjoy and indulge with relish. Your life is in flow - in the flow of life.

Chakra Meaning Chakra Overview Navel Chakra Manipura

Navel Chakra Chakra Energy

The navel chakra - or solar plexus and manuipura chakra - symbolizes your very own center: this is where your power, your own willpower is at home. Personality and self-control are the focus in the center of your body. The navel chakra is the hub of personal 'power' and self-acceptance. It is therefore logical that you experience the navel chakra energy at the physical age of 15 to 21: You learn to define your self, consciously set yourself apart, go your own way and are sure to offend others a time or two. And that's a good thing!

The 3rd chakra energy is as strong as fire - it invigorates your thoughts and actions and gives you inner peace! A balanced Manipura chakra allows you to achieve your goals easily, you are full of drive and can make decisions very well. It is natural for you to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Self-esteem and self-confidence make up your healthy ego - from this you can draw optimism and inner harmony.

The 7 chakras the 7 chakras the 7 energy centers

These 3 energy centers - root, sacral & solar plexus chakra - form the so-called lower chakra triangle and are incredibly important for your balance in life - for your physical and mental strength & endurance. Your resilience is manifested here in the lower chakra tri angle.

We continue with the chakmonia chakra energy and the heart chakra, our central energy center for love and compassion:

Chakra Meaning Chakra Overview Anahata Chakra

HeartChakra Chakra Energy

The ancient Indian word for the heart chakra in Sanskrit is Anahata and means "unharmed, unbroken or unbroken". The heart chakra energy cannot be described more lovingly. Body and soul are flooded with the sound of your pure heart in deep devotion. Unconditional love, unbridled joy and deep trust are the expression of a pulsating anahata. The heart chakra is the place of your inner child; this is where your personal heart's desires unfold. Between the ages of 22 and 28, you live in the vibrations of the 4th energy center.

Perhaps in this phase you are ready for the first time to build your own nest, a deep partnership or to start your own family. You act from the bottom of your heart, take good care of yourself and your very own heart. You accept yourself as you are - without exception. You are completely at one with yourself. Through this deep self-love, transformation and inner healing can take place. Compassion and understanding for yourself and others - without judgment. Full of purity and warmth.

Chakra Meaning Chakra Overview Throat Chakra Vishuddha Chakra

Throat Chakra Chakra Energy

The throat chakra - also known as the throat or Vishuddha chakra - is the intermediary chakra between the heart and mind - the transition from the inside to the outside. The 5th chakra is the center of communication. Listen to your inner voice, do not suppress anything and let everything flow freely - be truthful and honest. It supports you in setting boundaries and saying "no" with a clear conscience. The age of 29 to 35 reflects the throat chakra themes of independence, freedom, individuality, creative self-expression and self-reflection. It opens up space and expansiveness for yourself.

Sincere, clear communication is the main task of the 5th energy center. A harmonious throat chakra helps you to clearly stand by yourself and your opinion. A pronounced Vishuddha center makes it easy for you to openly express your values, norms, opinions and goals manifested in the solar plexus. As a talented communicator, you stand up for everything that is important to you and express this easily. You communicate clearly and purposefully with a firm voice - lovingly and authentically.

Chakra Meaning Chakra Overview Ajna lChakra 3rd Eye Chakra

Forehead Chakra Chakra Energy

The 6th energy center - also known as the 3rd eye and forehead or Ajna chakra - embodies your intuition and 7th sense. The forehead chakra symbolizes the unconscious and intuitive within you. It whispers to you softly and persistently in a gentle voice. Over and over again; often it is only a blink of an eye and you are often not consciously aware of it. You are gently guided by your inner intuition and visions emerge. The 3rd eye reflects your connection between reason and intuition. Between the ages of 36 and 42 you experience the energy of the forehead chakra.

Conscious perception, the pure realization of being and liberation from mental limitations form the focus of the 6th chakra. It symbolizes the gateway to the deeper truth. A harmonious brow chakra gives you clairvoyant abilities and extrasensory perceptions. Your thoughts are clear and structured; your mind is alert and open. You see your life's mission clearly and follow your higher purpose with spiritual insight.

Chakra Meaning Chakra Overview Sahasrara Chakra

Crown Chakra Chakra Energy

The crown chakra - also known as the crown and Sahasrara chakra - stands for cosmic and universal consciousness. It conveys deep trust in the unknown and gives infinite wisdom beyond knowledge. The crown chakra is the universal connection between you and the cosmos: the infinity of pure being and the sacred truth of the higher self. Everyone and everything is connected and all is one. Ego limitations become blurred and dissolve. In the period from 43 to 49 years you have fully experienced the first chakra cycle.

This last phase of the 7-year cycle focuses on topics such as self-realization, inventiveness, spirituality and cosmic consciousness. A harmonious 7th chakra symbolizes the highest perfection in cosmic consciousness. It can be more or less developed - through its unfolding, all limiting blockages of the other chakras dissolve. You yourself are divine consciousness and have all wisdom united within you: you are your own creator. The divine essence and pure being fill you with bliss. This deep realization and the feeling of universal connectedness allow you to become one with the cosmos: your individual self merges into the universal self.

From the age of 50, the chakra life cycle begins anew and you experience the chakra energy and its themes on a different level... Life is a constant journey towards yourself and the central question is what you personally make of it?

Depending on your personal life path and the degree to which you have been able or are able to live your chakra energy, this will give you an initial indication of any chakra energy blockages.

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Best energy at all times, your Maren

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