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Chakra cups for all 7 chakras
Chakra glass coasters for all 7 chakras

6th chakra

The 6th energy center is also called the forehead chakra or 3rd eye. It symbolizes the original form of intuition and knowledge. Spiritual insight and contact with one's own soul are the main tasks of this energy center.

Forehead Chakra3. Eye Chakra6. Energy centerA harmonious 6th chakra promotes your intuitive powers and opens your mind to extrasensory perceptions. You look within and recognize what is essential. You are aware that there are more things between heaven and earth than what you perceive and see rationally...

You may already know that the theory of chakras originates from the ancient Indian healing tradition and that each of the 7 energy centers therefore also has a Sanskrit name. In Sanskrit, the 6th chakra is called "Ajna".

The design of all seven chakra symbols is similar: on the outside are the open lotus blossoms and elements from sacred geometry. The 96-petaled lotus flower (represented as a winged circle by the two large flowers to the left and right of the inner circle) and the 3rd eye are symbols of the Ajna chakra symbol. The classic healing colors for the 6th energy center are both indigo blue and golden yellow.

The powerful chakmonia affirmation for the forehead chakra is: "I am calmness and clarity" and supports you in recognizing connections and promotes access to inner truths.

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