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Chakra cups for all 7 chakras
Chakra glass coasters for all 7 chakras

7th chakra

The 7th energy center is also called the crown or crown chakra. It is your gateway to stillness and universal connectedness.

CrownChakraCrownChakra7. Energy centerIn the crown chakra you connect with the cosmos and discover your spiritual power. In pure being, you allow transformation to run its course and feel divinely guided. Through a wide open 7th chakra you recognize your own divinity in eternal imperishability. When you recognize this, the source of healing of the human energy system awaits you in the crown chakra.

As you may already know, the chakra teachings originate from the ancient Indian healing tradition and therefore each of the 7 energy centers also has a Sanskrit name. In Sanskrit, the 7th chakra is called "Sahasrara".

The design of all seven chakra symbols is similar: on the outside are the open lotus blossoms and elements from sacred geometry. The 1000-petalled lotus flower is a symbol of the Sahasrara chakra symbol and the healing colors of the crown chakra are violet, gold and white.

The powerful chakmonia affirmation for the crown of the head chakra is: "I=Universe=I" and is the pictorial expression of universal connectedness. The physical separation dissolves and you realize that everything is connected and that you are part of the big picture.

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