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Chakra basket bag crown chakra in purple


Chakrapower 2 go in violet for your 7th energy center!

Colorful chakra basket bag for the crown chakra in trendy boho style made of colorful raffia in magical purple and a shimmering gold OM chakra symbol with purple & gold tones made of silky embroidery.

Magic and universal connection for your 7th chakra.

Lovingly handcrafted and exclusive design from a German manufacturer.

Colorful chakra basket bag Sahasrara in magical violet OM symbol for your 7th energy center:
This pretty chakra basket bag with sturdy leather handles is made by hand from hard-wearing palm leaf and raffia - both renewable raw materials.

The entire bag manufacturing process is sustainable and is produced once a year in harmony with nature. Only natural dyes are used to color the raffia.

Robust carrying handles made of smooth leather and the double layer of palm leaf on the inside and colorful raffia on the outside underline the great stability of this basket bag.

We lovingly hand-finish each boho-style Chakra basket bag in our German manufactory with the golden, silky OM Stick Deluxe Mandala.

Exclusive design handmade in Germany!

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