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Chakra cups for all 7 chakras
Chakra glass coasters for all 7 chakras

Chakra coaster

Lovingly handcrafted in Germany: Energetically valuable glass chakra coasters with colorful mandalas in a powerful chakra design - for a harmonious balance of the seven energy centers!

High-quality glass coasters with chakra motifs. The right vibration for every chakra - in a practical set of 7 or individually. Quality and handmade in Germany!

These glass coasters clearly focus on the chakra colors and the symbols of the millennia-old chakra teachings with elements from sacred geometry: energetic - powerful - colorful!

Chakra coaster all 7 chakra symbols

All chakra mandalas are characterized by a recurring structure:

On the outside, a certain number of lotus blossoms define the respective chakra, which are grouped symmetrically around an inner circle. In the circle itself, for example, crescent moons, triangles, squares or circles represent the chakra symbol.

All chakra motifs are lovingly applied to the blanks by hand. The coasters are both UV-resistant and food-safe. They are the visual highlight for skilfully showcasing drinks and energizing them with chakra vibrations.

Chakras in harmony with Chakmonie®!

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