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Chakra coaster NeckChakra


Clarifying Vishuddha symbol in turquoise blue to strengthen the throat chakra. Freedom and independence for your throat chakra.

Chakra coaster with turquoise-light blue Vishuddha symbol for throat chakra energy!

Handmade glass coaster in cool turquoise-blue shades to balance the 5th energy center. The chakra coaster for the throat chakra symbolizes individuality and creative self-expression. The turquoise and light blue Vishuddha chakra symbol gives mental clarity and openness. It conveys demarcation and independence.

How does the coaster affect the throat chakra?

Colors & shapes are vibration and energy that affect their surroundings and provide them with vibrational information: the Vishuddha symbol with the 16-petaled lotus flower reflects the ether; thus it embodies vastness & space.

All this and other throat chakra information revitalizes the drink and supplies your subconscious with throat chakra energy.

Chakmonie tip: Raise your clear & truthful voice. Express your thoughts and feelings - be yourself and energize yourself from within.

Here there are more lovely accessories for harmonizing the 5th energy center!

Chakra color



Lovingly handcrafted from Germany


Diameter: 10 cm, height: 0.5 cm


Solid glass coaster with 4 rubber studs on the underside


Hand cleaning with a damp cloth or glass cleaner


Pretty white cushion box in high gloss incl. flyer

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