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Chakra coaster Solar plexus chakra

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Bright yellow Manipura symbol to strengthen the navel chakra. Inner harmony and happiness for your solar plexus chakra.

Chakra coaster with yellow Manipura symbol for solar plexus chakra energy!

Handmade glass coaster in radiant yellow to balance the 3rd energy center. The chakra coaster for the navel chakra promotes activity and assertiveness. The yellow-red Manipura chakra symbol invigorates the mind and has a clearing effect. It supports self-acceptance and strengthens your own will.

How does the coaster affect the navel chakra?

Colors & shapes are vibration and energy that affect their surroundings and provide them with vibrational information: the Manipura symbol with the 10-petalled lotus flower reflects the element of fire; radiant yellow conveys cheerfulness and increases self-development.

All‘ diese NabelChakra-Informationen beleben das Getränk und versorgen Dein Unterbewusstsein mit SolarplexusChakra-Energie.

Chakmonie tip: Find your own center and energize yourself from within.

Here there are more lovely accessories for harmonizing the 3rd energy center!

Chakra color



Lovingly handcrafted from Germany


Diameter: 10 cm, height: 0.5 cm


Solid glass coaster with 4 rubber studs on the underside


Hand cleaning with a damp cloth or glass cleaner


Pretty white cushion box in high gloss incl. flyer

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