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Chakra key ring root chakra


Elegant key ring with soft red leather tassel and powerful Muladhara chakra symbol

A magical everyday companion, lovingly made by hand and in top quality.

Fine chakra design that embellishes every key and also energizes the root chakra.

Red chakra energy for courage, strength & basic trust.


Chakra keyring pendant in red for the root chakra!

High-quality leather key ring with tassel in red and magical Muladhara chakra symbol for the 1st energy center. Lovingly handcrafted from a German manufacturer. The red key ring gives you power, courage and strength.

It is the ideal daily companion and strengthens you in any everyday situation. Through the beautiful combination with our wonderful chakra symbols on medallions, we create spiritual key rings that are second to none.

Chakmonie tip: The red Chakra Muladhara key ring supports you in completing all the tasks of the day effortlessly and easily with courage and confidence. It also grounds you in the here & now.

Curious about the other chakra key rings? Here you can discover all the variations of our energetic key rings with spiritual chakra symbols.

Chakra color



Tassel made from supple leather & powerful chakra medallion - silver-plated, anti-allergenic & nickel-free


Diameter of medallion pendant: 3 cm, length of leather tassel 10 cm; total length incl. key ring 13 cm


Elegant chakra design & handcrafted from a German manufacturer


Cleaning with leather foam & soft cloth


Fine linen bag with logo print in silver metallic & chakra flyer

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