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Chakra Mala Throat Chakra


Hand-knotted gemstone mala made of light blue chalcedony with Vishuddha chakra pendant.

Lightness and independence for your throat chakra.


Enchanting neck chakra mala made of light blue chalcedony for the 5th chakra

You can harmonize and activate your throat chakra with the chalcedony throat chakra mala. Each mala is knotted by hand and consists of 108 high-quality gemstone beads that are matched to the respective chakra energy. The exclusive gemstone mala design features 108 faceted chalcedony beads, a guru bead made of glittering rock crystal as well as the unique mala coin and the Vishuddha chakra pendant made of 925 silver, giving it an exceptionally elegant look.

Each chakra mala is unique and is made for you after you place your order.

The expressive chalcedony in light blue and the chakra mala for the 5th energy center strengthen your communication by helping you to express your wishes clearly.

Chakra message: I am free!

Delivery time: 12-14 days


5th chakra / throat chakra

Chakra color



Hand-knotted with love - modern chakra design from a German manufacturer

Gemstone pearl



Rock crystal guru bead, mala coin & chakra symbol in 925 silver


Chakra pendant approx. 2.5cm, faceted gemstone bead approx. 6mm, faceted guru bead approx. 10mm


Total length incl. guru bead, mala coin & chakra pendant approx. 86cm


Hand-sewn cotton bag incl. mala instructions

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