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Chakra necklace navel chakra

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Silver-plated chakra necklace with sunny yellow Manipura chakra symbol & cotton tassel* in yellow.

Cheerfulness and personal development for your 3rd chakra.

*If you find the tassel too playful, you can remove it at any time.

Yellow Manipura Chakra symbol and the 10-petaled lotus flower to support the navel chakra!

Handmade chakra medallion necklace to energize the 3rd chakra. The chakra necklace for the navel chakra strengthens your inner center, promotes activity and supports you in achieving your goals. The powerful Manipura chakra symbol in sunny yellow symbolizes self-acceptance and inner peace.

Chakmonia tip: The navel chakra necklace ignites the fire and the inner warrior within you.

What makes the chakra necklace for the 3rd chakra special?

For each chakra necklace, the powerful Manipura chakra symbol is lovingly crafted into a medallion and sealed with a glass cabochon for optimum brilliance before being attached by hand to a fine ball chain. Last but not least, we decorate the chakra necklace for the navel chakra with a color-coordinated cotton tassel to emphasize the energetic vibration of the color yellow. The tassel can also be easily removed if the mood takes you.

The chakra medallion has a diameter of 3 cm and is reminiscent in size of the good 5-DMark coin of yesteryear. The back of the medallion has a feminine, floral design. The ball chain and the chakra medallion are silver-plated, anti-allergenic and nickel-free.

The single length of the chain including the pendant measures 45 cm; the chain itself has a total length of 82 cm.

Each chakra necklace reflects the modern chakra design and careful craftsmanship of our German manufactory.

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Chakra color



Medallion pendant diameter: 3 cm


Chain length single incl. chakra medallion pendant 45 cm, total chain length: 82 cm


Modern chakra design & handmade in Germany


Delicate ball chain & feminine medallion - silver-plated, anti-allergenic & nickel-free


Pretty jewelry box in organza bag incl. flyer

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